AMD HD 7970 overclocking with LN2 (14791 Single GPU 3DMark11)

Here is the short video about my LN2 tests with AMD HD 7970 graphics card. Card is fully modded and I use traditional variable recistors for VGPU, Vmem, Vpll and for OCP I use Rampage IV Extreme motherboard and DIGI +vrm program. That combination works perfectly and this VGA card can produce quite ok results.

The setup:

  • Ramapage IV Extreme
  • AMD HD 7970 reference
  • G.Skill 16GB Ripjaws-Z memory
  • Kingston SSDnow V200+ SSD (Super fast load times)
  • Corsair AX 1200W
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • SF3D OC Inflection point ln2 pot
  • Ryba fat pot for vga

Next time better CPU on hard pushing for graphics card.

Thanks to Jimm's PC Strore and other sponsors to make this possible!

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