MSI MOA Flashback: First MSI European Overclocking Event (2008)

Not sure if you know, but this year we're celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the MSI MOA live overclocking competitions. Back in 2008, MSI held its first overclocking championship in Amsterdam, Holland. 20+ countries competed two days (yes, two-day event!) straight for a spot in the Grand final later that year. Hipro5 and GPRHellas, two Greek overclocking legends, ended up winning the first ever MSI MOA that weekend.

Here's a recently uploaded 8-minute HD-quality video of that event. Can you recognise some of the overclockers?


Finland SF3D says:

The preview screen is from my setup! Wohoo!

Sampsa missed his flights so Massman was my team mate in that event. I do miss those days.. 4 years is a long time in our short lifes :)

United States Hondacity says:

ocz rams

the venue is huge, i've never seen this video before. or heard of this event before. i'm so new to this computer term called overclocking.

turkey @ #2 is very nice

Hipro and his modded "shirt" lol thats classic

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