MOA 2012 – Time to pick a Slogan!

Good luck!

MSI is definitely on the tracks and already working on their the next worldwide OC event known as the MOA (master overclocking arena – that we dont need to introduce anymore to anyone out here).

Right know, no informations have leaked on any dates concerning the MOA EU or American selections (usually these are the first) and neither leaks have been detected around potential locations. Thus, MSI is kicking of the preparation phase with launching their traditional slogan campaign.

After last year’s army theme and its slogan “Campaign for domination begins“, this year it will be Steel the theme … does that inspire you something?

Yeah, me too! So far the only thing that comes to my mind is the Real steel movie that came out in Q4 2011 that actually wasn’t that good (personal judgement). Anyway! Here comes the interesting part of this news :

Do you wanna win some free hardware?

Well then lets start to heat your neurons a bit and find some inspiration for this years MOA slogan. Find below the official procedure:

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