Ninjalane Podcast #14 - Basic Casemodding, Listener Mailbag, Interview with a Top Overclocker

The new podcast of Ninjalane is up. This podcast features an intensive and long interview with Hondacity. Very interesting episode, again. Subscribe if you like it!

Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren Mccain + Special Guest Hondacity

Time: 38:24

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Show Notes

Basic Casemodding: Casemodding has been around for quite some time and while most of what made casemodding unique has gone mainstream and often offered by the mfg you are still left with a case that looks like every other one off the shelf. So what can you do? In this segment we talk about the bottom line basic mods anyone can do.

Listener Mailbag: For this segment we dip back into the listener mailbag to address some questions about mobile computing, indie game sales and how important overclocking is to a gaming PC.

Interview with Hondacity: Overclocking is a big part of the Ninjalane Podcast and it only seemed fitting to get a professional opinion from one of the top US based overclockers on HWBot, Hondacity. Hondacity is currently the 4th ranked overclocker in the US and overclocks using a variety of cooling techniques including LN2 and enjoys prepping his motherboards using Vaseline.

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