German company Caseking has acquired Overclockers UK in a takeover

A German company taking over a UK company, certainly interesting news. I wonder if we'll see the Overclockers UK (OcUK) change names too!

The large German computer hardware retailer Caseking have taken control of the British firm Overclockers. Overclockers UK have long been one of the biggest sellers of computer hardware in the UK alongside the likes of Ebuyer, Scan Computers International, Novatech and Aria PC. Overclockers UK have been around since 1999 and have their HQ up in Newcastle-under-lyme. The takeover deal affects 40 members of staff at Overclockers UK although nothing yet is known on what this deal will mean for Overclockers UK and its employees. The value of the deal has not been disclosed but it is estimated to be in the ‘less than €50 million’ region. The deal took place on February the 1st 2012 and both companies have kept relatively quiet about it.

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