HWBOT Rev4.6.2 released - various patches and improvements

The revision was installed two days ago, but needed a couple of quick patches yesterday. Next revision updated planned for February 15th.

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.6.2


  • [HWBOT-600] - User banned, but scores still in ranking + gaining team points
  • [HWBOT-668] - Users moving to different team, but points are not
  • [HWBOT-683] - Fix enermax logo size (submission)
  • [HWBOT-684] - Overview page bug
  • [HWBOT-687] - Psu productgroup URL formatting after search
  • [HWBOT-695] - User banned when reporting score
  • [HWBOT-699] - Competition ranking incorrect


  • [HWBOT-686] - Update hw database: Enermax
  • [HWBOT-688] - Update hw database: Gskill
  • [HWBOT-689] - Non-partner product image overlay (hw database and product page)


  • [HWBOT-676] - Forum snippet incorrect for wordpress news or challenges
  • [HWBOT-678] - Team captain moderator panel broken

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