Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot Review

Overclockers have always been a bit extreme – we take hardware many people are perfectly satisfied with and then push every last MHz we can out of it within our cooling limits. Some choose air cooling, some choose water cooling. There are a few brave souls that use water chillers, but mostly those are benching operations only.

Then there are the, well, for lack of a better phrase, there are the crazy people. I’m proud to be one and many members of our benchmarking team are too, as are a growing number of the overclocking crowd. You see, when you get into benchmarking, air and water just aren’t enough to satisfy your thirst for that extra 3D Marks or thousandth of a second. No, we truly go to extremes using things like dry ice (with acetone to help spread the cold) and liquid nitrogen.

It is to these overclockers k|ngp|n has dedicated a good portion of his craft. He started out making cooling pots quite a while ago, then turned his successful benchmarking ability and industry know-how into a career with EVGA. Thankfully he hasn’t stopped producing pots.

Today is dedicated to his latest work of art, the Dragon F1 Extreme Dark. It’s very functional of course and we’ll get to that, but this thing is a great looking piece of hardware. Don’t take my word for it though, have a look for yourself.

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