FtW 420 interview; The Paris Hilton of Overclocking?

FTW 420, one of the brightest stars on our team, was nice enough to let me do an interview with him. This interview was a little more difficult then normal, as I'm really good friends with FTW and already know so much about him. It's always easier when I myself need to learn more about the person I'm interviewing. Anyhow, here is his interview so that maybe our community can get a more personal feel for our friend, teammate, HWbot team Captain, and full time supporter FTW 420!

FTW 420 is an astounding overclocking due to his dedication to the sport. He's always been very modest about his skills and works very hard. He's been #1 on our team for a really long time now and has held down the #1 Canadian spot for a while to.

  • Question: "FTW, what was your initial inspiration to start benchmarking?"
  • Answer: "I found OCN when I was looking to upgrade from my old pIII rig, after getting it built I ran some benchies to compare & then started overclocking. OCN had a 3dmark competition running around that time & I gave it a try. I did pretty well at it & that was encouraging, but I really wanted to try to catch up with some of the other guys & kept trying. I was pretty hooked from there, started voltmodding & trying to get things colder & clocked higher from that point on."



Belgium Massman says:

Best part of the interview:

Over the past couple years, you've become very popular amongst our team and others. Earning you the nick name within our team of "The Paris Hilton of Overclocking" when you won the Gigabyte 3D overclocking challenge. Tell us your story about how you sandbagged the Giga competition.

That was actually the result of a failed 2d benchmarking session, I was working on superpi & failing miserably while trying out a new board (x58 ud7), & looking at the other scores on hwbot as I went. Since the cpu was already frozen I decided to try a different bench & noticed there was a Heaven bench competition coming to a close. I grabbed the gtx480s & had a go at it. That was where I found that the cpu really has little to do with Heaven scores, I did better at 4.5Ghz than at 5.5ghz, so a bit of a waste having the cpu frozen but got the #1 global spots for single, sli & tri sli configurations. Won the competition & won an x58a ud3 while I was at it, so felt better about my pi failure. Didn't accomplish what I set out to do, but at least accomplished something & did well at it. It was really more of a late entry than sandbagging, & I still had to improve my scores to stay on top, SniperOZ was a tough competitor in that one.

United States NoGuru says:

Great interview!

United States Mikecdm says:

paris hilton is yesterday's news.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

not if she get's a boob job !

United States xXSebaSXx says:

Leeghoofd said: not if she get's a boob job !

Or if she gets caught giving a different kind of b-job somewhere in Sunset Blvd. :D

Canada Dead Things says:

FtW 420, FTW!

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