FtW 420 interview; The Paris Hilton of Overclocking?

FTW 420, one of the brightest stars on our team, was nice enough to let me do an interview with him. This interview was a little more difficult then normal, as I'm really good friends with FTW and already know so much about him. It's always easier when I myself need to learn more about the person I'm interviewing. Anyhow, here is his interview so that maybe our community can get a more personal feel for our friend, teammate, HWbot team Captain, and full time supporter FTW 420!

FTW 420 is an astounding overclocking due to his dedication to the sport. He's always been very modest about his skills and works very hard. He's been #1 on our team for a really long time now and has held down the #1 Canadian spot for a while to.

  • Question: "FTW, what was your initial inspiration to start benchmarking?"
  • Answer: "I found OCN when I was looking to upgrade from my old pIII rig, after getting it built I ran some benchies to compare & then started overclocking. OCN had a 3dmark competition running around that time & I gave it a try. I did pretty well at it & that was encouraging, but I really wanted to try to catch up with some of the other guys & kept trying. I was pretty hooked from there, started voltmodding & trying to get things colder & clocked higher from that point on."


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