Nvidia: We Expected More from the Radeon HD 7900 Series

I usually try to avoid marketing talk (as much as possible), but this is pretty ballsy from Nvidia. Together with Ivy Bridge coming soon, I reckon the second half of 2012 will be pretty darn interesting!

Okay .. Awkward .. AMD had a pretty good launch with the Radeon HD 7970, NVIDIA however isn’t impressed with the performance of AMD’s new graphics cards and believes that Kepler will have no problems in becoming the fastest GPU around.

For making that claim happene .. they do have to actually launch it though.

"Honestly, we expected more from our competitor’s new architecture," said a high ranking Nvidia official during a meeting with Nordic Hardware. The official also revealed that before the launch of the Radeon HD 7970, its company came up with a series of performance estimates for the HD 7900 series that they were preparing to beat with Kepler.

The Radeon HD 7970 performance however came under these initial estimates, so Nvidia is now confident that its upcoming GPUs won’t have any problems in surpassing the HD 7900 series.

Although Nvidia seems quite confident in Kepler, the company still hasn’t established a launch schedule for its 28nm GPU, a company spokesperson revealing only that Kepler will arrive in the “first half of 2012.”

The same Nvidia representative hinted that the new architecture could launch by the end of March, although a Q2 release could also be a possibility.


Colombia saint19 says:

More action and less talk...all looks good in paper.

CL3P20 says:

reminds me of the Mitsu EVO & Sub WRX STI launch.. Mistu telling Sub and public.. 'our machine is superior and more HP' .. then Sub drops STI version with another 35WHP and Mitsu cannot compete.. *Will be interesting to see how it shakes down in the end.

Netherlands Mausio says:

I hope its not just big talk! :D

TaPaKaH says:

nice way to disctract attention and remind people that 'they're still there' after the 7970 success

United States sin0822 says:

i doubt its big talk, NVIDIA shodul do well i hope. but i am confused, is it going to be the 780 or 680 i see and hear both, its confusing.

Australia Dinos22 says:

just trying to stall nothing to see here hehehe

United Kingdom borandi says:

Top NVIDIA card will outperform 7970, but also consume a lot more power. So the dual GPU NVIDIA will be underclocked, and the AMD dual GPU will be as-is. Perhaps.

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