Radeon HD 7970 OCP Mod released by phil from HWBOX.gr

Some people already knew the OCP modification, but didn't disclose the information in a way less gifted overclockers could understand. Phil, now #2 in 3DMark11 1x GPU, figured out the modification that helped him push the card over 1600MHz GPU and shared it with the rest of the world.

Top result, top modification, top overclocker!

We all know phil and the fact that he managed to achieve several great scores with his Radeon HD 7970. Today, we are proud to be the world's first who reveal the new OCP mod for the HD 7970. So far it looks like it was a well kept secret, but phil did not hesitate to reveal it to us and then, to everybody else to! Congratulations phil for figuring out the mod. We sincerely wish that everybody overclock their HD 7970 cores at 1700MHz or even more MHz - these cards do have amazing overclocking potential.

Does the mod work? Of course! Before the mod, phil's HD 7970 could only bench 3DMark 11 up to 1550MHz core. After the mod, without pushing it much, it's already up to 1620MHz for 3DMark 11, and still has more potential!

Well done phil, well deserved my friend!

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