Intel Core i7 3930K C2 stepping (QBV9)

I don't really expect too much difference overclocking-wise. It's just a minor stepping upgrade to fix one specific issue.

Intel is going to launch new revsion of their Sandybridge-E. Revison will go from C1 to C2. Description of Change to the Customer: Due to limited supply, Intel is initiating a rapid C-1 to C-2 stepping conversion for the Intel® Core™ i7-3960X Processor Extreme Edition and the i7-3930K Processors. As part of this transition the following changes apply:

  • New S-spec and MM numbers for the converting products
  • VT-d erratum removed for C-2 step.

Refer to Processor Sighting# 3876388 in Sandy Bridge-EN/EP/EX Processor Sightings Report – NDA (#452856). Customer Impact of Change and Recommended Action: Intel anticipates no change to customer platforms designed to Intel guidelines.

Customer’s boards can enable or disable processor Intel VT-d through their BIOS if they desire. If customer chooses to enable Intel VT-d, regression testing is recommended to ensure their board is properly enabled.

I hope it will be a good CPU to overclock !

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