EkWaterBlocks showing performance of EK-FC7970 GPU block.

I guess the Radeon HD 7970 will do well over 1350MHz on high-end watercooling. This should be very interesting!

We have just tested our newest EK-FC7970 water block which we have been constantly improving during the previous past weeks. We are proud to say this is our best performing FC (full cover) water block to date.

Furmark torture benchmark which stresses the graphics card to the maximum was ran for almost five hours! Graphics card Radeon HD 7970, running at factory set frequencies and voltage yielded the following results:

  • Tgpumax = 41°C
  • Th2omax = 30.7°C
  • Tmax = 10.3°C = ~ 10°C

Please note that the smallest resolution for Tgpu probe is 1°C therefore a rounding error is present. Considering this fact we can see that dT does not increase even at overclocked conditions. Also the VRM (voltage regulation module) is noticably cooler than we are used to. The hottest measured temperature was ~ 49°C (behind the MOSFETs, on the back side of the PCB), highest logged temperature was 50°C after almost 5 hours of Furmark.

Off the record note: "1300MHz Furmark stable, 1.25Vgpu with FC7970. Not bad, we'll keep pushing! :)"

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