MSI's LGA1155 Overclocking Beginner's Guide (by Jonas Klar)

Jonas Klar, better known as Mean Machine, has compiled a short OC beginner's guide for MSI LGA1155 'normal' users who want to get more out of their board.

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Overclocking is a way of increasing your computer's performance by increases in clock frequencies. Components that are overclockable in this guide include CPU and RAM, but you can also overclock your graphics card to increase performance. While overclocking, there is always a risk of component failure due to increased stress caused by overclocking. Remember that no warranty covers overclocking.

This guide covers overclocking of Socket 1155 with an Intel Core i5-2500K – a quite common power-user setup that you probably even might have yourself. We will walk you through the experience of overclocking on air cooling at voltages and frequencies you can safely use yourself – the idea is to give you an idea of what you can expect to reach at home.


As you can see, overclocking is a powerful tool to increase system performance, although you will not always notice the differences as clearly as in our synthetic benchmarks. For us, overclocking is a form of pleasure, which among other things has resulted in the world's largest overclocking competition, the Master Overclocking Arena, and we want you to enjoy overclocking your MSI mainboard.

This guide is a very rough, general guide, covering the most important bits of overclocking on Socket 1155. Despite this, we would actually go so far as to claim that you will reach 90% of the potential performance your PC possesses by following this guide.

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