HiVizMan interview: New heavy hitter for OCN's HWbot team

Reading through now, should be interesting!

This weekend I spent some time to get to know one of our new HWbot members, HiVizman. He has just recently migrated along with some friends from Britain's HWbot team, Benchtec. HiVizman is now #2 on our team with the points he brought with him. So, let's get to know HiVisman a little bit better.

Question: How long have you been a benchmarking?

Answer: I started benching last year on the 27th of December at a LN2 event that was held just after Christmas. The event was held very close to where I live, this year there is a LN2 event too, and it is up north near Manchester and we have 1000l of LN2 organized for the event. Oh by the way, the event is open to all benchers or overclockers, experienced or novice first timer regardless of team or affiliation. All are welcome if they book in time.

Before that event I had only ever watched my wife AKA 1Day bench. She had been involved in the sport for ages, even before we got married actually. She is Admin over at OCX and at the time of the Christmas LN2 event was still benching competitively. She was planning on going to the meet and due to work commitments had to pull out, so I went to the meet.


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