Radeon HD 7970 Quad Crossfire Smashes 3D Records?

We're about one week away from the actual retail launch of AMD's new Radeon HD 7970 graphics card. Of course, we already know the card is powerful and will be smashing all current 3D records.

A HWBOT member came across a Facebook news update from ASUS ROG's Andre Yang with, we assume, the new WR figures to be made public on January 9th. Although these numbers cannot be confirmed yet, they look legit ... and pretty frigging impressive! New records:

  • 3DMark11 Performance: P32554 (previous record: P27928)
  • 3DMark Vantage: P82576 (previous record: 79364)
  • Heaven DX11: X7521 (previous record: X6700.94)

Roughly 7 days before we know if these are indeed the new records. Can't wait!


Belgium Massman says:

DAAYUM! :nana:

France Strat says:

I really want to see those screenshots :D

South Africa SystemTech says:

Looking good from the AMD corner. And a nice head start on nVidia. Cant wait to bench one of these babies.

Belgium Massman says:

Source: http://kingpincooling.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1570

Christian Ney says:


Germany der8auer says:

Holy sh*t :O

Germany Masterchief79 says:

That's just insane. Congratz to 5 new world records ;) One question btw, why did you bench Vantage @1610MHz GPU and 3DM11 Extreme @1470? Already getting unstable?

Belgium Massman says:

France Strat says:

Insane Gpus!! :eek:

France Radi says:

very nice ... need the same .

Germany Masterchief79 says:

:D k Massman, then i look forward to see the maxed GPUs ;) btw nice power supply with 3600W, that's about 5 BHP and more than my lawn mower has ^^ // Forgot, i wonder what two 990X's on a SR-2 would do with this GPUs, for example in Vantage.... Or two 3960X's on a SR-3? :D

Belgium HybridChiller says:

990X doesn't work on SR-2, need to use Xeons X55** or X56** series.

As for Sr-X is still waiting for samples and release, cpu's there will see what will be.

@ Massman : at last some really nice results with these samples. Max those gpu's

Netherlands nedernakker says:

that's really sick, almost 100K GPU in vantage..
can't wait to get my hands on those cards...


TaPaKaH says:

first pic - Andre was so impressed that he drooled over his Antec

France Strat says:

Off question : Massman why your facebook is in French? :D :D

Christian Ney says:

StrategosSan said: Off question : Massman why your facebook is in French? :D :D

[QUOTE=hwbot]A HWBOT member came across a Facebook [...][/QUOTE]

I am ''this'' member :rolleyes:

Taiwan AndreYang says:

Hellya, I know who is hwbot spy in my fb.

Belgium Massman says:

Anonymous source #fail

France Strat says:

Haha, I see now :D

Australia Dinos22 says:

KP's on the phone to Nvidia, hurry the f(l)uck up with the new GPUs :D

Australia Jimba says:

some nice results (if real)

now where is the competitor!

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