HWBOT Rev4.6.0 released - Challenges and plenty of improvements

With the introduction of challenges HWBOT has reached the next milestone. While in the past it was possible to either compete in the massive leagues or try your luck competitions, now it is possible to compete against other overclockers with your own set of rules.

Challenges allow you to compete directly against another overclocker, against your team, your country of everyone using your benchmark of choice and the hardware restrictions you decide, during timespan you configure. To create a challenge, simply submit a score (or open an old score) and click the new "create challenge" button, which will take you through the wizard of the challenge creator. There's a limited set of limitations you can configure, like max cpu speed, videocard family, etc. More limitations are to follow in the next releases if challenges are popular.

Challenges are not for points, just for fun. You can keep track of how many challenges you won or lost in your profile, but that's it. No effect on your league position, team ranking or personal points.

Other than challenges, this update contains a large list of bugfixes and usability improvements that were reported. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.6.0


  • [HWBOT-609] - Ranking does not change when processor changes when editing submission
  • [HWBOT-615] - Send mail notification when result reported/blocked
  • [HWBOT-617] - Infestation of spambots on forum
  • [HWBOT-630] - Uploaded images may override existing images
  • [HWBOT-631] - Some achievements are broken.
  • [HWBOT-654] - List achievements in quick search
  • [HWBOT-663] - Flags and cups are sometimes 1px large when using chrome



  • [HWBOT-627] - Partner tiles in sidebar
  • [HWBOT-629] - Fix parter logo liks
  • [HWBOT-655] - Ability to view more hardware related information when browsing the rankings
  • [HWBOT-661] - Countdown timer on competition and stage pages
  • [HWBOT-662] - Show WR, global, hardware cup in submission overview of profile
  • [HWBOT-664] - Ability to like submission in submission overview


  • [HWBOT-604] - Videocard product series model info page
  • [HWBOT-607] - Show hardware product images only if own submission or hw partner
  • [HWBOT-619] - Team may get GTTP multiple times
  • [HWBOT-626] - Mobile access to HWBOT forum
  • [HWBOT-628] - Country ranking and country info page
  • [HWBOT-653] - Link to HWBOT on Google+

Sub Task

  • [HWBOT-634] - challenge logic: logic and db changes
  • [HWBOT-635] - challenge logic: end when challenger has been beaten
  • [HWBOT-636] - challenge page
  • [HWBOT-637] - challenge: immediate/daily/weekly mail if you have been challenged
  • [HWBOT-638] - challenge: mail when challenge accepted
  • [HWBOT-639] - new challenges on homepage / challenger for which you have hardware
  • [HWBOT-642] - challenge wizard: quick creation after submission
  • [HWBOT-643] - challenge overview on competition page
  • [HWBOT-644] - challenge status on user profile

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