GIGABYTE X79 motherboard major firmware (BIOS) update statement

In short: If you don't update your BIOS of X79-UD3/UD5/Assassin 2 to F7 or later, you will have the risk of burning the mainboard when you OC. Three solutions for the end-users:

  • Recall all motherboards with earlier BIOS revisions, and suggest users to update them to F7 or later by themselves if they notice that message.
  • If you happened to experience the same symptom after updating to F7, then they provide life-time warranty for similar faults in the future.
  • If you still have concerns regarding this matter, you can refund your board with Gigabyte at any time.

Currently, the newspost is only available in Chineese, but I assume similar options will be available to other regions.

F7 BIOSes can be found here:

(Translated with help of Google Translate)

GIGABYTE X79 series motherboards provide some professional players firmware (BIOS) version, such as overpressure by overclocking, the fear caused by abnormal or over-temperature burning conditions, to ensure the best usage, please access the user immediately update Gigabyte X79 BIOS or call toll-free technology, we will appoint someone to serve you.

Statement as detailed below:

  • GIGABYTE full recall on all sales channels for a particular version of the X79 motherboard firmware (BIOS) update, or by consumers to conduct its own firmware update, to ensure the best interests of consumers.
  • GIGABYTE X79 for the protection of consumers to use extreme overclocking performance, where the updated version of the BIOS F7 (including the later version), still caused by overclocking the phenomenon of burning models are given a lifetime warranty (GA-X79-UD3, GA-X79 -UD5, G1.Assassin 2.
  • Products of the company's X79 still worries consumers may be unconditional return policy (please contact the Customer Service Center Gigabyte).

GIGABYTE X79 motherboard for the (professional player firmware version) by the user overclocking overpressure, the fear of failure may be caused, Gigabyte Technology professional players and consumers have caused unnecessary distress apologize. The Company will expedite the processing of the above statement and continued to approach the concept of the highest quality, has introduced the industry-leading Ultra Durable motherboards.


Belgium Massman says:

Guess now we know what the F7 is for ...

United Kingdom borandi says:

Nice to know, just as my review of the UD3 went up :/
Are you going to put warnings on pre-F7 bioses in the thread MM?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

good they reacted so quick !!!

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

wow that was super fast

Belgium Massman says:

borandi said: Nice to know, just as my review of the UD3 went up :/
Are you going to put warnings on pre-F7 bioses in the thread MM?

Heh, yeah, just saw your review. Especially the last line of the conclusion was kind of odd :).

Just added a warning sign (with link) to all pre-F7 bioses. Not going to take them down, though. F4 was quite good for the UD7.

Netherlands neliz says:

What took them two months to react?

South Africa DrWeez says:

found on youtube :)


TaPaKaH says:

lifetime warranty? ... so, if after 10 yrs I need a new board, just need to find a UD3, flash it with F4, start LinX and voila :D

Netherlands neliz says:


Belgium Massman says:

Haha :D

Czech Republic OBR says:

neliz - At MSI, you had better be quiet, I remember number your boards, burned exactly like on that video. Your board was alway shity crap, but its true, now in Giga worst ... then MSI and its a BIG thing ...

United States sin0822 says:

NVM i guess it does according to that site. TechPowerUP is saying there is a full recall of the boards or the BIOS? The translation says BIOS but I cannot read Chinese.

IMO if it was full recall it would be worldwide, but since this announcement is only in China, maybe its just for Chinese users who feel like they don't get good RMA service or something? Like that xfastest dude and all his comrades were complaining about. Maybe it is a full recall, hopefully we can get an English variant of the statement so nothing is lost in translation.

Finland Mean Machine says:

China is Gigabyte's biggest market to begin with. I suppose those lesser countries will get attention soon enough. And then there's me, stuck with my Intel board, which doesn't even have the good grace to kill itself. :D

Canada Vinster says:

dRweEz said: found on youtube :)


He also doesn't have the rad positioned properly, if it's like the Corsair H50/H70 the lines going in to the RAD are suppose to be to the side or the bottom position, not the top has he has it positioned.

I'm sure this didn't cause the issue, but I'm surprised his temps were at all functional.


Italy Mafio says:

wondering how they managed to solve the issue with just a bios update

United States sin0822 says:

Well it isn't an issue with faulty hardware, rather BIOS not protecting when it should, otherwise if it was bad hardware, why give a lifetime warranty on it? Hicookie already hit 5.65ghz with even 57x multiplier F7 was used)

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