HWBOT Rev4.5.2 released - Country League

The sudden infestation of spambots on our forum urged us to push a minor release directly to production. The upgrade contains the last feature which was missing since the rev4 update: the country ranking.

The country ranking can be viewed here, or when navigating via Rankings > Country League. You can navigate directly to a country info page entering the country name in the top right quick search box.



Iran Amateurs says:


Luxembourg BigT_Roadrunner says:

The Hwbot staff is very active recently pushing new releases making the site better and better. The forum is also a very valuable resource full of constructive ideas.
The following is really nitpicking but under "points earned" for each submitted results the frontend displays "BigT_Roadrunner does not participate in the HWBOT rankings for points." despite the checkbox "BigT_Roadrunner does not participate in hwbot rankings" not active. On the other hand the previous error i got when saving settings in My Account seems to be fixed.

Last but not least i can appropriately whish happy holidays to all the forum members and the staff :-)

Edit: I seem to have fixed it so that was a mistake on my part. Astonishlingly i get no points in PCMark 2005 for instance despite being ranked #4 in the hardware rankings. Also in My Account when i click on Submissions and View all scores i see no submissions.

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