HWBOT Rev4.5.1 released - improved browsing of rankings

A couple of features that did not meet the deadline for rev4.5 have been introduced in rev4.5.1. A significant improvement has been made for browsing the rankings: your selection (number of cores, paging, etc) is now saved in the url. You can browse between submissions and the ranking without having to fear you have to reselect the amount of cores and page to the correct position again.

Another improvement is the extension of the hardware information pages, to now include all benchmarks, instead of only the hardware related benches (except for videocards). Want to know what the fastest 3D01 record is with a i7 920? Or the faster superpi score with your old P5K motherboard? Now you can!

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.5.1


  • [HWBOT-621] - Page title for news incorrect


  • [HWBOT-401] - Remember selection and save in url when using the ranking browser


  • [HWBOT-620] - Hardware browser tweaking
  • [HWBOT-622] - Show benchmarks which are not related to the hardware itself for informational purpose on hardware info page

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