HWBOT Rev4.5 released - Signature engine, Hardware browser, AQ3 revival, Hardware Performance Index

We're proud to announce a shiny new HWBOT engine dubbed rev 4.5 "ED 209". It contains all features that went missing in the first rev4 release, which was a rewrite from scratch.

The signature engine is back, and is now much more userfriendly as any change to the settings renders a preview of your new signature on the fly. Try it out in your account! If you're team captain, don't forget to make it public to the rest of your team, or set it as team default

The old hardware browser in rev3 was useful for browsing processor and videocard specs, the new rev 4.5 browser also allows you to browse motherboards, disks, memory and power supplies. In contrary to the old browser it also allows you to navigate back&forth or link directly to specific page.

A lot of work has been put into the Hardware Performance Index to make it a reliable number that represents the performance of a videocard or processor, when pushed to it's limits. This number is shown on the processor and videocard information page, and while browsing hardware specs. We've got a huge database, better put it to use.

As of this release, it is required to use the HWBOT Aquamark3 wrapper to make AQ3 submissions. The wrapper is very similar to the Heaven wrapper, and is required to keep AQ3 free from cheaters. There is a slight delay on the AQ3 wrapper, we expect it to be released later this week. Screenshot submissions are no longer allowed.


Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.5.0


  • [HWBOT-589] - Memory Clock overview page should show different memory types
  • [HWBOT-597] - Joshua7 points tab returns blank page
  • [HWBOT-609] - Ranking does not change when processor changes when editing submission
  • [HWBOT-610] - User can't re-open team for new members
  • [HWBOT-613] - Link to non-HWBOT competition not functional


  • [HWBOT-596] - Implement Aquamark3 wrapper integration


  • [HWBOT-561] - Indicate Who's Team Captain in team overview page
  • [HWBOT-601] - Add "unlocked to 6 cores" option
  • [HWBOT-602] - Improve Hardware Index


  • [HWBOT-12] - improve signature wizard
  • [HWBOT-377] - Bring back hardware database
  • [HWBOT-599] - Provide HW Index information page.
  • [HWBOT-603] - Videocard product series info page
  • [HWBOT-605] - Videocard product series with image and automatic population of db
  • [HWBOT-606] - Show videocard product model picture if available in submission
  • [HWBOT-612] - Provide custom HTML tltle, logo and description for submissions, users, teams, hardware, news and competitions.

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