A Visit to EVGA Labs - X79 Classified 3DMark WR Setup and SR-X Preview

Last week, we visited EVGA's headquarters in chilly Taipei to check out the latest and greatest creations from Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido and crew. It turned out to be a fruitful affair as new 3DMark 11 world records were being made on their new Classified range of X79 motherboard and GTX580 Graphics Card. We also snagged a preview of a pre-production overclocking mammoth Super Record X (Dual Xeon Socket 2011) motherboard.


United States sin0822 says:

pretty cool, nice WR!

Germany SoF says:

"Benching records at work" - haha vince simply haz THE job :D

United States cold.nut says:

if only if only.. man i would die to have this job :D!

Germany Afrokalle says:

SoF said: "Benching records at work" - haha vince simply haz THE job :D

What do you think where Nicky boy breaks all the records....

These guys are f(l)ucking lucky coz they live in a damn nice country (the best i ever was) with cheap ln2 prices and the option to bench and play with all these nice toys@work.

But to get a job like that is not so easy and u need knowledge and enthusiasm to continue benching every day on that top level.

Gratz Vince

U and Tin keep EVGA shining :)

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