HWBOT Rev4.4 released - speed and competition improvements

In the past two weeks we worked hard to optimize the HWBOT engine to run smoother and serve the rankings and pages much, much faster. I hope you guys don't have any major issues any more accessing the site, but if you do please let us know.

The HWBOT Competition Engine also received a major overhaul. Many usability improvements and behind the scene features were added to support future competitions, and make HWBOT the platform for all online or live competition events.

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.4


  • [HWBOT-419] - Competition title: do not include main competition title
  • [HWBOT-420] - Competitions names not mentioned in participants list
  • [HWBOT-559] - Hardware Library bugged
  • [HWBOT-585] - When editing result, rank changes but points don't
  • [HWBOT-587] - Prepopulated fields not functional
  • [HWBOT-588] - Ranking filter issue
  • [HWBOT-590] - View League under Teams League links to Pro OC League
  • [HWBOT-591] - Do not participate should also be effective in the TPP rankings
  • [HWBOT-594] - General improvemts for speed and usability
  • [HWBOT-595] - When editing a score, the amount of cores is not adjusted, so the submission may be in the wrong ranking.
  • [HWBOT-597] - Joshua7 points tab returns blank page
  • [HWBOT-598] - Blocked user's submission still in ranking
  • [HWBOT-600] - User banned, but scores still in ranking + gaining team points


  • [HWBOT-592] - Provide list with submissions which contribute to the team points


  • [HWBOT-418] - HCE Live Competition Extention
  • [HWBOT-459] - Competitions: collecting information at hwbot and the points

Sub Task

  • [HWBOT-421] - Ability to have non-hosted competitions in database
  • [HWBOT-422] - Competition results without any form of verification
  • [HWBOT-460] - Competition page: table with awarded points
  • [HWBOT-464] - Ability to mark competition that scores are not made online, but external
  • [HWBOT-465] - Competition overview table

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