[AU] GIGABYTE wants you ... to learn overclocking!

Heads up for the people from Brisbane (or entire Australia). Gigabyte AU is doing an OC event. Attending members are deanzo, dinos22, SniperOZ, youngpro, eva2000.

More info at AtomicPC and Overclockers.com.au.

GIGABYTE Extreme Overclocking Workshop has just been announced. This time the LN2 circus is going to Brisvegas (Brisbane, Australia in case you aren’t familiar with the city nickname).

ATOMIC Magazine is taking on registrations right now for lucky 16 overclockers that get to learn how to OC from TeamAU. Rest of registrations that miss out will go into audience registrations yaaaay!


Australia Dinos22 says:

we announced it for Brisbane and one of the guys on OCAU is hoping his registration gets taken so he can book flights from Perth :eek: .... Australia is a big country >> that's 4400km apart :D

Romania Monstru says:

Good luck guys!

Belgium Massman says:

You should give that guy a VIP pass. If you're willing to travel 4400km, you have what it takes!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Have a blast, finally I will see a piccie of Eva2000 aka the ram master

United States Hondacity says:

I hope deanzo is bringing his yummy femail black haired friends

Australia Dinos22 says:

yeah true that about the bloke that will fly across the country, definitely a VIP :D

lol i cant wait to meet eva2000 in person but i have a feeling he lives in the Matrix


hahaha eeek i didnt realize what that doll was for, but its EVA

Australia Jimba says:

i cant wait to go to this and finally have the chance to bench with my idol :D :P and meet the rest of the team.Au guys.

looking like its going to be great fun..

i wonder if i get close to few WR's...

Singapore Shrekogre says:

i am going to reach Brisbane on the 27th for a holiday... but then my wife would kill me if i went there.

Australia Dinos22 says:

Shrekogre said: i am going to reach Brisbane on the 27th for a holiday... but then my wife would kill me if i went there.

:D hahahah

Greece George_oc says:

Good luck guys! :D Eva will be there? Nice!

Australia PAQd says:

Only one more week - can't wait :)

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