Interview with Khalam,'s first 'Pro league' HWbot member

Interesting read and nice to get to know the man behind the nickname!

Here lately I've been taking the time to get to know a new benchmarker in our community, Khalam. Khalam in a short time has risen to the top of the HWbot rankings for his home country of Poland. At the time of this interview he is 2nd in Poland, but it's a very close race. He has also risen to the top of the OCN HWbot team and is 2nd to none other the FTW 420. Khalam has also blown away the past month's HWbot submitting for the team and has put his first HWbot Member of the Month under his belt. I'm sure it wont be his last.

Question: So, what brought you to

Khalam: It's very simple, this was the first professional OC forum I signed up for and after a few days here I decided I like the community here so much there is no point in looking any further. I've been on guru3d before but although a really nice place, there isn't much one can learn there once your past your basics. On OCN I have people who motivate me to push my self further with every bench.

Question: Do you have a favorite benchmark?

Khalam: Can you choose only one? I have a couple of favorites, Heaven and 3dmark 11 being on the top of my list, although I love how you can tweak 3dmark 2001se and 3dmark 2003. Recently I realized what super pi 32m is all about and I took a very big liking to it.



United States xxbassplayerxx says:

Pretty cool to see that this made it here. OCN is down for the day, though, so the source won't work.

Canada FtW says:

Yep, khalam is getting some new hardware together as well, looking forward to seeing the new subs.

Poland Khalam says:

Wow didnt expect that;) thanks a lot lads:)

if it goes for the new subs..... ive improved all my 2d runs on my 2600k tonight and my 05, 06, 11 and heaven on the MSI gtx 580 Lightning as well.... and when i was done, unplugged the ss, cleaned the mb etc.... the ssd i used at that time decided to give up and stop being detected by bios...... so im gone have to rerun everything again tonight:(

United States badatgames18 says:

hope the ssd problem got fixed?

anyways.. keep up the good job bro! can't wait to see more benches :)

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