Gigabyte Shows off Simplified "3D BIOS" Interface for X79 UEFI

We are getting closer to the launch of Sandy Bridge E and Intel's motherboard partners are eager to get out some early press about their motherboards. We saw a lot of what to expect from SNB-E motherboards at IDF, but most of the manufacturers have been holding back a bit of information on how they plan to differentiate in this ultra-competitive industry.

Gigabyte is trying something a bit new with its X79 UEFI: a simplified "3D" UI. Instead of navigating through lists and sublists of options, Gigabyte's new 3D BIOS interface gives you a picture of your motherboard with a few predefined, highlightable sections. You can hover over and click on the SATA ports for example to bring up a list of SATA related configuration options. The same applies for rear IO, memory, PCIe, voltage regulators and naturally the CPU socket.

The advanced mode will still remain, Gigabyte is simply using 3D BIOS to make configuring your motherboard easier for those users who are less comfortable with the process.


Canada Vinster sagt:

Looks alright

United States sin0822 sagt:

good concept

South Africa Vivi sagt:

thats pretty cool :D

United States Bobnova sagt:

I got that email too :D I like the concept for newbies, it'd annoy the hell out of me personally.

Belgium Massman sagt:

Luckily there's an advanced mode :)

United States Bobnova sagt:

I was quite happy to see that in the video!

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