HWBOT Rev4.2.3 released

Today we released HWBOT rev4.2.3, a minor engine update which focussed on bugfixing and usability improvements. Many achievements are active again, points are explained more clearly in your profile, and you now have the option to force a recalculation of all your submissions in your personal or team account page.

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.2.3


  • [HWBOT-407] - Not possible to edit results linked to competition when competition is over
  • [HWBOT-409] - Prepopulated system images
  • [HWBOT-457] - Team profile -> Team ranking link not functional
  • [HWBOT-494] - Achievements: Golden Cups achievement bug
  • [HWBOT-499] - After moderator interaction, no detailed explanation in submission history
  • [HWBOT-500] - Impossible to edit a result changing the ''Unlocked core field''
  • [HWBOT-508] - Point recalculation after score update
  • [HWBOT-512] - Performance issues on pages with long list of scores
  • [HWBOT-514] - User banned = no points
  • [HWBOT-515] - When user changes team, engine deletes scores (
  • [HWBOT-516] - Competition result receives no rank/points
  • [HWBOT-518] - Iexplorer: script issue
  • [HWBOT-535] - Screenshot requirement not enabled
  • [HWBOT-536] - Partner name not showing in submission
  • [HWBOT-537] - Rank points differs in profile & ranking
  • [HWBOT-560] - Updating submission with system picture triggers recalc point/ranking
  • [HWBOT-562] - Team Captain can ban member from team


  • [HWBOT-367] - Add cups to submission details
  • [HWBOT-451] - Sync-all button for user and team profile
  • [HWBOT-510] - Recalculate Points: Daily/weekly scheduler
  • [HWBOT-534] - HCE: MemTcas limitation
  • [HWBOT-538] - Remove MOA template

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