Sandy Bridge-E on sale! 3960X at USD $1200.

November 14, 2011. That was supposed to be the official launch date for the new Intel Sandy Bridge-E. Of course, in the East, things go a little different. If you live in China, you can already buy your Sandy Bridge-E system. Costs:

Be quick, though ... only 90-odd samples left in stock!

Belgium Massman says:

They're already selling parts too. MSI board went from 99 to 98 already ... :D

United States Hondacity says:

is this in akihabara japan? its yuan, so its not ...chinese! x79 ud7 is 566USD rawr

Switzerland rewarder says:

Sorry but I have absolutely no tolerance for the people selling stuff before the fall of NDA. They should be lined up on a wall and ... I think you all get the point.

Belgium Massman says:

Prices seem high too. IIRC, the i7 3930K was supposed to go for €450 at launch. Well ... limited availability makes prices to up. A lot.

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Actually that is kind a fail again for Intel... we will see... .. Do they Ship internationally ? :D

Czech Republic OBR says:

welcome to the last month ... i am selling these from September :)

PS. i have X, K and locked model too ... cheapest for 350 USD ...

United States sin0822 says:

lol thanks for letting us all know OBR! lol

Anyways damn that is a great sale they got going, cheap as heck. :(

Brazil Rbuass says:

lol....wil be about 2400 USD in Brazil....

Canada Vinster says:

there are no more of the bundle kits...

Argentina nazzgul says:

Yes, now in Argentina 1200U$ micro.... customs sales U$ 600... shipping U$ 40 and profit for the importer U$ 200 = ~ 2200 U$

Jajjajajajaja just to see if the micro goes up.

Czech Republic OBR says:

Thats OLD prices, today prices are "normal" ... X for 999 USD, etc ... not 1500/2000/2400 USD ... :) There are tousands ES samples in the wild ... prices are good now

Belgium Gamer says:

I already touched one yesterday :)

Australia Jimba says:

i cant wait to guess what a 3930K system will be in aus..$2K?+

Czech Republic OBR says:

dont worry, "K" price is around 600 USD + 400 USD mobo ... 1000 USD for great setup

Belgium Gamer says:

Price has increased ! :)

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