AGP on Sandy Bridge: It's possible!

Two french 3DFX fans managed to run an AGP-based graphics card on a Sandy Bridge system using an AGP-to-PCI as well as an PCI-to-PCIe adapter. Must-have for all the Hardware Masters out there, I think!

(translated by Google Translate)

This is an original event that sticks with 10 years of Windows XP and the recent release of Duke Nukem Forever ! Trevormacro (Michael) and his friend Oscar (Osckhar) are fans of 3dfx. As proof, they not only added an AGP port on a configuration based on an Asus Maximus Extreme and Core i7 four-2600K but they were also to replace memory chips on a Voodoo 5 6000 SE! Mounting a Voodoo 5 5500 AGP on a newer motherboard requires two adapters: one Supermicro PCI-E x8 to PCI-X adapter (with a PCI-E 8x) and Change AGP2PCI. A first video on Youtube shows this atypical configuration in Windows XP start and run the old 3D Mark 2001!

The two friends do not stop in so good way. They soldered the 6 ns 16 SDRAM for SDRAM replaced with 3.5 ns of a Voodoo 5 6000 Second Edition and Gold used a bios 1.19 to 186 MHz by default at startup. As the map in high-frequency heating, the cooling system has been adapted . In the crowd, the withdrawal of a resistance allowed to pass the supply voltage to 3 volts. Under these conditions, the card reaches 196 MHz in 3D Mark 2001 SE and 199 Mhz in the demo1 Quake III.

After the establishment of small radiators on the back of the map to the location of VSA 100 and the installation of new fans on the radiator front , the card passes the tests at 200 MHz!


Christian Ney says:

No, it's not me, my desk is not so clean :D

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Christian Ney said: I am french

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lol. But I guess the PCI bus will be some sort of limiting factor?

Austria Turrican says:

knopflerbruce said: lol. But I guess the PCI bus will be some sort of limiting factor?

yes. and i don't think agp cards will benefit much from sandy bridge cpu performance. a 5hgz yorkfield should also be enough.

Dreadlockyx says:

Nice !

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