Benchtec UK Christmas LN2 Event Buxton 2011

BenchTec members are apparently getting ready for another big LN2 meet and have some serious firepower lined up. UK branch offices, pay close attention to this. I'm hoping there will be a livestream!

Right lads we are down to the sharp end of things. We have one place left up for grabs and once that is filled we are closed for places.

Those who have put your names down and want to secure your place please contact me and arrange your £20 non-refundable deposit. I would like the slots confirmed by the 31 October please.

There after anyone who has not paid their deposit by the 31st will have their name removed from the list and the next person on the reserved list will be up at bat.

Accommodation: There is accommodation available - I have booked @ £35 per night B&B at a local venue, if you would like me to arrange that same deal for you please drop me a PM.

Benching - The following items will be available for BT team members to bench with during the event.

  • X79 - Motherboards and CPU's - should be enough for all to have a good play
  • LGA1155 Socket Motherboards and CPU's 2 sets confirmed.
  • AMD - 2x 990X Motherboards (CPU's to be confirmed - stock with AMD is an issue)
  • Ram - A couple of kits of ram will be available
  • Graphic cards list to be confirmed but certainly one 580GTX and a good couple of older generation graphic cards.

Attending members: Bazx, Hivizman, Kr0nz3, Dualist, ElGappo, Borandi, Scooter-jay, Vento1, Arandomowl, Blindfitter, Thanh55, K404, Georgestorm, dafridgie and dRweEz.

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