Final GIGABYTE X79 Boards with Digital PWM's Pictured!

GIGABYTE with a digital PWM. Uh-oh ... !!

(PS: better quality pictures can be found at Facebook)

It seems that GIGABYTE has done a final revision change on their whole X79 lineup, as the boards we saw at IDF 2011 are not going to be those sold in stores, the presentation below showcases the new boards as well as some new technology. GIGABYTE calls it 3-Way Digital Power, 1 CPU Digital PWM, and 2 Memory Digital PWMs.

We have come across a presentation showing GIGABYTE's final X79 lineup, with some changes including the use of International Rectifier Digital PWM’s. The PWMs in the picture do not seem to be on IR’s website, as they are most likely based upon Chil’s Digital PWM technology, as IR now owns Chil. IR recently acquired Chil Semiconductor, the maker of most of ASUS, ASRock, and Intel Digital PWM’s. Now it seems that GIGABYTE has acquired IR/Chil’s newest PWM technology as these controllers seem to be VRD12 and VRD 12.5 certified. Let’s hope other vendors have acquired the same updated PWMs on their X79 boards. Digital PWMs are used not only the CPU, but memory power as well. GIGABYTE is now using Digital PWMs on their X79 boards as far as we can tell. Take a look for yourself.

It is a sad day for Ziker Labs, but a great day for users digital is the way of the future, and now the second largest motherboard manufacturer has incorporated digital PWM technology, making analog a relic of the past.

Many overclockers and enthusiasts will welcome this change as Digital PWM technology allows for total control of the power delivery, as well as increased power supply density, and a much more precise voltage regulation scheme.

We don't want to break Intel's SB-E NDA, so we cannot divulge any more information at this time, for now enjoy the final pics of GIGABYTE’s X79 lineup!

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