AMD absolute 3DMark2001SE world record: 114100 (+ video)

Wow. Great accomplishment of Slovenian OC master Tiborrr!

After the dissapointing weekend while trying to break new '01SE record with ASUS Crosshair V Formula and barely hitting 101k and after the same motherboard dying out on me (after three auto-flashes during windows installation) I gave up on ASUS for a while. I've went out and bought myself an Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 rev1.0 motherboard which seem to be the best board I have tested so far, performance and stability wise. The board only has three drawbacks: EasyTune is crap compared to ASUS Turbo-V, CL6 doesn't work with F3 BIOS and CPU-Tweaker 1.5 is acting up

Too bad I didn't have much LN2 left from the previous weekend to run GPU colder as well.

Link to score:


  • - AMD Phenom II X4 955 (0947 MPMW) @ 6500MHz, 1.82V
  • - Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 (F3 BIOS)
  • - 2x2GB Exceleram E30104A DDR3-1600 (PSC)
  • - nVidia GeForce 580 GTX 1.5GB (Vgpu, CBB mod)
  • - 320GB Samsung F3
  • - 750W Seventeam V-Force PSU


  • - CPU: LN2 full-pull via LittleDevil AlCu pot @ -196°C
  • - GPU: GPU: D.I.Y. cascade (R-507/R-1150) @ -90°C

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