AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 overclocking with Liquid Nitrogen (with Macci and SF3D))

Bulldozer clocked by two Finnish legends: Macci and SF3D!

We decided to test some FX-8150 CPU's on LN2 cooling. Results were quite interesting and the CPU's seems to scale very well under cold. If you disable cores, you will get more MHz for sure. In this video we will show some benchmarks at 7GHz+ speeds. Heatload from CPU is enormous at those clocks, so there was a lot of steam once again.

Remember that these CPU's are the first of their kind, so improvements are coming. When we will see 9GHz :)


United Kingdom El Gappo says:

First we have Granny benching SB now we have Baby's @ 8ghz. What's next? :D

Needs more PSU.

Germany SoF says:

We have "some" FX-CPUs here...and "some" powersupplies :D Hehe, priceless ;) rofl, 8 GHZ so easy a baby can do it :D Nice vid!

Christian Ney says:

SoF said: rofl, 8 GHZ so easy a baby can do it :D


Where is AMD's one ?

Austria Turrican says:

nice video. :D

Australia Jimba says:

nice work guys!

great effort as always!

so when you crack 9.5ghz?


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