Intel Confirms Plan to Bundle LGA2011 Chips with Own-Brand Liquid Coolers.

The watercooling is necessary because the SB-E is obviously getting waay too hot for their stock air cooling solution. However, a 3rd party high-end air cooler should do okay.

Intel Corp. recently confirmed intentions to bundle liquid cooling systems into boxes with its next-generation Core i7-3000-series central processing units (CPUs) code-named Sandy Bridge-E. The firm also decided that it would sell the coolers separately so that to address other platforms. The actual devices will be made by Asetek and sold under Intel brand.

The bundled liquid-based thermal solution – to be offered with boxed microprocessors and sold separately - will be the first time for Intel to officially support enthusiast-class coolers and will also create an additional selling point of Intel’s next-generation Sandy Bridge E-series (SNB-E) microprocessors in LGA2011 form-factor. Besides, bundling liquid cooler with a CPU will indisputably increase popularity of such solutions among overclocking community.

Intel-brand sealed liquid coolers will sport Asetek-made waterblock as well as a large 12cm fan. The coolers will also be Intel's first cooling products sold separately from microprocessors. Pricing of the new coolers is unknown.

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