Invitation: GeIL Smoking & Slamming Overclocking Showdown



i love you smoke and slamms

but this is as gimicky as marketing gets hahaha smoking and slamming

Belgium leeghoofd says:

they might go after your Gskill records James...

Russian Federation Dancefloor says:

Yeah! gogogo friends!

United States Splave says:

haha damn, I will be gone by then but good luck!

TaPaKaH says:

how can this be interesting if Geil don't make anything with Hypers ?

K404 says:

Maybe it's to see how much gear can be set fire too (smoking) or thrown against the wall (slamming) in one weekend. If so, these guys are hardcore, I expect Geil to file for bankruptcy the Monday afterwards.

United States sin0822 says:

smoking and slamming sounds like a fun/nasty event, lol like it will be held in a whore house. anyways good luck guys, and yea my question too, what will you OC? you gotta admit when that marketing person put those two names together and then thought yes! I think that would interest young people, I bet they went crazy lol.


Leeghoofd said: they might go after your Gskill records James...

i have records?

Christian Ney says:


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