Intel i7-2700k Pricing Structure Revealed

Apparently, Intel is "cherry picking the best of the best of its Sandy Bridge cores for the 2700". Suuure we've never heard that line before ...

Several news outlets, including Fudzilla and VR-Zone, are reporting that the upcoming Intel i7-2700k will cost more than the current top CPU, the 2600k. In the past, Intel has priced the newest processor at the same level as the previous fastest model it’s replacing. This strategy seems to have served Intel fairly well, as they still control the majority of the desktop CPU market share.

Rumored to be hitting the shelves next month, the i7-2700k will be clocked at 3.5 GHz. This is a tiny bump up from the 3.4 GHz, about 3% to be exact. This will lead to barely any performance increase as the chip is essentially the exact same thing as the i7-2600k aside from the frequency increase. However, vr-zone is reporting that the i7-2700k’s will be better overclockers than their predecessors, as Intel is “cherry picking the best of the best of its Sandy Bridge cores for the 2700.” Though this would be exciting news to those of us attempting to shatter overclocking world records, it is difficult to believe.

While in the past our mantra here at Overclockers has been that later batch CPUs tend to overclock better as the processor construction processes become more refined. This is unlikely to translate to more headroom for benchers since batches and steppings seem to have no consistent correlation to overclocking capabilities with Sandy Bridge (Source: Sandy Bridge 2500K/2600K Batch and Serial Numbers).

This might be editorializing, but all these rumors swirling seem to conveniently coincide with rumblings from the AMD camp about the upcoming Bulldozer CPU. With a CPU frequency world record already under its belt, Bulldozer has been dominating the headlines in the hardware world. Intel likely did not want to be left out of the game, even though they have a pretty strong stranglehold on the desktop CPU market in my opinion. This market domination seems to be shrinking as the Bulldozer buzz grows within the extreme segment (made up of overclockers and benchers).



Belgium HybridChiller says:

Overclock better, hhhmm interesting.

a new master for 2d and 3d @ 6Ghz and more L3 cache ?

United States Splave says:

Ive purchased 5 chips in the last 2 weeks none have gone over 52 lol I hope they are cooking something up

Germany SoF says:

hum maybe I can make my own "2650K" with 5.5 chips soon -.-

Belgium leeghoofd says:

5.5g should be i7 4700k :p

United States G H Z says:

nice if true, im sick of binning

United States Gunslinger says:

Maxi said: nice if true, im sick of binning

+1 to the tune of 20x 5GHz duds. :p

United States dumo says:

Cherry pickin'....Yea right!!

Slovenia Moonman says:

You can pick, but the problem is that most of those cherries are already rotten.

Australia Uncle Fester says:

Yeah i binned over 20 and none did 5.5

TaPaKaH says:

I call BS on Intel's "best cores".
IIRC, they claimed the same since their very first extreme editions which were never better clockers than the non-extreme counterparts (given no multiplier/fsb limitations).

Belgium Massman says:

So far for Intel's "special binning procedure" Another OC report says 5400 1.55V for 2700K.

United States dumo says:

Dang, seems to be another 1:25 for 57X (luck factor added) like 2600K...random or batch based binning:(

K404 says:

My surprise is non-existent. I can't imagine Intel ever making the effort to find the best OCing chips and putting them in their own hardware class with a special pricetag. It's probably harder to find SB chips that WON'T do 2700K spec within the TDP

South Africa Vivi says:

Massman said: So far for Intel's "special binning procedure"

Another OC report says 5400 1.55V for 2700K.

5.4 not too bad baby YEA.

Pre ordered

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

5.4 is better than everything I will ever get...

United States sin0822 says:

Massman said: So far for Intel's "special binning procedure"

Another OC report says 5400 1.55V for 2700K.

That is pretty good, I hope SB-E will OC the same/better when Retails come around.

I ask the intel guy at IDF, hey why is this demo running at 4.7ghz when last year SB demo ran at 4.9ghz, no one else noticed it was OCed 200mhz lower than the previous year. i got some answer like I just picked a random CPu and its not cherry picked.

That ES can use CPU PLL overvoltage right? i forgot, only D1 ES cannot right? E2 can.

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