Gigabyte Responds to MSI's Bluff Call

A little earlier this month, MSI's PR team dished out a presentation in which they claimed that Gigabyte was misleading buyers into thinking that as many as 40 of its recently-launched motherboards were "Ready for Native PCIe Gen.3". MSI tried to make its argument plausible by explaining what exactly goes into making a Gen 3-ready motherboard. The presentation caused quite some drama in the comments. Gigabyte responded with a presentation of its own, in which it counter-claimed that those making the accusations ignored some key details. Details such as "what if the Ivy Bridge CPU is wired to the first PCIe slot (lane switches won't matter)?"

In its short presentation with no more than 5 slides, Gigabyte tried to provide an explanation to its claim that most of its new motherboards are Gen 3-ready. The presentation begins with a diplomatic-sounding message on what is the agenda of the presentation, followed by a disclaimer that three of its recently-launched boards, Z68X-UD7-B3 & P67A-UD7/P67A-UD7-B3, lack Gen 3 readiness. This could be because those boards make use of a Gen 2 NVIDIA nForce 200 bridge chip, even the first PCI-E x16 slot is wired to that chip.



Canada Vinster says:

I like the note on what MB's don't support GEN3, but MSI was targeting Gigabytes ad that ALL 6 series MB's are Gen3 ready when they are not. and they confirmed it in that note. I really marketing ploys.

Christian Ney says:


Asus: ''Why both Gigabyte and MSI do not have any Motherboards PCIe Gen3 capable'' :D

United States Hondacity says:

Gigabut just confirmed msi's findings?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Is it even remotely interesting for Sandybridge platform... I still have to see huge benefits from PCI-E 16X or even AGP 8X...

Netherlands neliz says:

Christian Ney says:

Haha :D

TaPaKaH says:

kudos to ASRock for bashing Gigabyte :D

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