The Untouchables - usage step-by-step guide with examples

Complete guide on how to 'zombie' your graphics card using the "Untouchables EPOWER" VRM. Seriously, if you are unable to get a working card after you're done reading this guide, you might as well go back to stock cooling.

That last bit was a joke, of course. Anyways, the complete guide is hosted at the forums. Good luck!

Welcome again, "The Untouchables", or EPOWER card that hold powerful VRM curcuitry for any overclocker needs. There will be two versions, one is like on pictures below, 10 phase Volterra main unit + 3-phase auxilary unit. Second version have smaller PCB and thus easier to use on low-end/middle-end videocards, and have only 8-phase Volterra unit. Control, usage is exactly same principle for both devices. Voltage range for Volterra unit - 0.9 to 2.1V (default 1.2V), voltage range for 3-phase part - 1.2 to 4V (default 1.5V)

Take a note, pictures below show engineering sample VRM card, which have green PCB. Final retail units will have pearl black PCB mask. Handy EVBOT is a must to use The Untouchables.

STEP ZERO: First, we need to prepare tools and items needed to install

  • 1. VGA card itself. Now it's 8600GT 256MB
  • 2. The Untouchables EPOWER version 0.1 (10+3 phase)
  • 3. EVBot for voltage control
  • 4. Bunch of LowESR tantalum and electrolytic capacitors
  • 5. Thick copper AWG12 wire in teflon insulation
  • 6. Soldering tools , 50-100W optimal for thick wire soldering.
  • 7. Cooling colution, I will use newest Tek9 FAT 6.0 here
  • 8. Digital multimeter, any generic will fit ok (I will use Keithley 2001, just because I have it )
  • 9. Cup of tea to encourage yourself
  • 10. Small usual tools like screwdrivers, cutters, etc.

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