Intel Core i7-2700K CPU is in the works

I'm sorry, dear Intel, but as long as you don't come with a new silicon revision that gets rid of that annoying clock wall, I'm not even going to think about testing one of those 2700Ks

Second-generation Core i7 microprocessors were introduced in January of this year, and up to this time there were no other Core i7 models launched. The line-up of Core i7 products with Sandy Bridge core currently consists of three CPUs: mainstream Core i7-2600, unlocked Core i7-2600K for computer enthusiasts, and mid-power i7-2600S. Intel today added box part numbers BX80623I72700K and BXC80623I72700K to Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database. These box numbers relate to Core i7-2700K processor number:

S-Spec and Box part numbers of upcoming Core i7-2700K

Core i7-2700K has SR0DG S-Spec number, which corresponds to CM8062301124100 part number. As the letter "K" in the processor number suggest, this model has unlocked clock multiplier. We suspect that many features of this SKU, like 4 CPU cores with Hyper-Threading, 4 x 256 KB L2 and 8 MB L3 caches, and 95 Watt TDP, are identical to Core i7-2600K. Obviously, the CPU should be clocked higher than the 2600K, but it's impossible to tell whether the clock difference is 100 MHz or higher. Introduction date of this microprocessor is not known. Recent Intel roadmaps included ">= i7-2600K" for Q3 and Q4 2011, and the first quarter 2012, therefore the processor may be launched during any of these quarters.

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