Benchmark Buffet: Updated 8/24/11 @

Pretty much everything you need to know before you get the benchmarks roling. Nice guide, check it out!

Today we will again take a high-level look into the world of benchmarking: CPU and GPU benchmarks, benchmarking tools and much more. Specifically, we will be looking at thirteen point-scoring benchmarks listed at as well as the more common utilities used for overclocking and submitting scores to their system. We also touch on system information and monitoring applications.

For those that have not heard of HWBOT, it is the premier online repository for submitting PC benchmarks and as a hardware specification resource. HWBOT is the “only non-stop overclocking competition platform known as the HWBoints rankings. 30,000 overclockers from all over the world compete in more than ten of the most popular benchmarks in thousands of hardware categories, resulting in over 550,000 benchmark results, a figure that is increasing by over 500 every day. The benchmark results generate points awarded to both the member’s profile, the team’s profile and the country of origin and based on those points members are ranking in the Overclockers League, Hardware Masters League, Teams League and many more sub-rankings.“.

Now you have a brief background on the most popular host for competitive benchmarking and where the world’s 13th ranked team (of over 1000!), the Benchmark Team, hang their hats. Lets take a look at the benchmarks and utilities you will use to run them! Due to the recent additions in the benchmarks used at as well as updates in the utilities used, we have again updated this article.

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