Tones Overclock Academy III - Benelux Edition

Sunday 14th August 2011. Exactly one year after Tones Overclock Academy I, the Academy goes international. Place of action, the beautifull pitoresk city of Utrecht. It was just 2 months ago we had Gigabyte launching their X58-OC board at TOA II. For the first edition Asus was our hardware provider. This time, MSI is the guest manufactor for motherboards and videocards. Consistent sponsors are Intel for the CPUs and Corsair for memory and PSU's. Due to the international character we initially had plans for up to 20 teachers and 80 students. Before we were limited to the madshrimps crew for the teaching part. But together with volunteers from Overclock Team holland we had the opportunity to invite a lot more students.


France CtrlFix says:


Belgium leeghoofd says:

Nice write up Peter

Australia Dinos22 says:

nice event guys, keep them coming!

what happened with those 20x580s in the end :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Those are available at online store. PJ asked them to be sort of available only for overclockers. Each card can be ordered as they are registered. So you plus minus know what you will get. First come first serve...

Netherlands Rogier1337 says:

Daaaamn nice gear peeps, any change we can see some vids if u took them?

Christian Ney says:

Rogier1337 said: Daaaamn nice gear peeps, any change we can see some vids if u took them?

here they are:

and here:

go to page #2, #3 #4...

Belgium Gamer says:

Nice article Peter !

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