ASUS Australia ROG OC Meetup (LN2 overclocking)

Since Booj, Pro and SniperOZ are attending this event, I have high hopes for big numbers. With Uncle joining the event, the lads from Team.AU are taking a risk, though ...

Good to see local branches take this kind of initiative. Thumbs up!

This weekend, 19th - 21st August 2011, ASUS Australia invited some of the top overclockers in Australia for an epic session of pushing hardware to the limit. We've rented a house in Adelaide, booked our plane tickets, ordered the Liquid Nitrogen and are beginning to prep our hardware. Rest assured, many warranties will be invalid.

Several overclockers from Overclockers Australia are coming from all around Australia to attend this event, these guys are no strangers to Liquid Nitrogen: Booj, pro, SniperOz and Uncle Fester.

We're looking to get some big numbers, so stayed tuned to this thread where it will be updated throughout the day with pictures, results and other stuff. You can have a behind the scenes look through the links below:

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