Review done right? Ket shows how it's done.

With my recent rant on's award policy serving as example, I can say I lost hope for any genuine reviewers. Today, I gained hope! Ket had a look at a *snip brand name* memory kit that was advertised as great overclocking material, whereas results were ... well, terrible.

It's been a long time since I've seen someone be so out-spoken about a badly advertised product. I like it. I like that Ket has taken the advertisement claims and put them to the test. Let this be a lesson for all vendors out there that use the word overclocking just because it's cool!

Well.. that was certainly unexpected. Corsair bigging up the "amazing" overclocking of these memory modules only to find they will not OC for squat, literally. So let's get this straight Corsair.. you very publicly advertise these modules as being designed for intel's new generation CPUs and chipsets, and proclaim over and over how overclockable this memory is and that the memory is made with overclockers in mind, yet the memory doesn't overclock, at the very least appear to not be fully compatible with intel's Z68 chipset, and if that wasn't insult enough you can't even tweak for tighter timings at stock frequencies with this kit. Is there anything positive I can say about this memory? Given the product brief and all it claims and not delivering on a single one of those things.. no. With a average price ranging between £58-70 I wouldn't even say this kit represents good budget value for money as the most excellent G.Skill RipjawsX F3-12800CL7D-8GBXH can be found and delivered to your door for £93. The extra £20 or so is money well spent.

Final Verdict: A real howler of a product. Abysmal, Terrible, Poor, Dreadful, Awful, Woeful. Avoid.

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