AMD starts selling Radeon-branded DDR3 memory

A very late April Fools, I guess. Or hope, to be honest. Radeon memory should be kick-ass speeds and super-low latencies. Not this ...

Well-known x86 chip designer AMD seems to be expanding its business, the new area of interest for the company being memory. That's right, AMD is apparently making DDR3 memory modules now, and it's branding them 'Radeon' to make sure that they get the attention of buyers.

According to AMD's website , three 2GB long DIMMs are being (initially) released as part of the Radeon memory line, and each one caters to a certain segment. There's the 'Entertainment' memory which runs at 1333 MHz (9-9-9 latency), the 'Ultra Pro Gaming' DIMM working at 1600 MHz (11-11-11) and last we have the 'Enterprise' memory which doesn't have finalized specs.

The DDR3-1333 module has already found its way into Japanese stores and can be bought for about $20. No word though on when we'll get to buy some Radeon Ultra Pro Gaming memory.

United Kingdom El Gappo says:

ULTRAPRO GAMING!!!!11!! Damn that must be fast.

Belgium Massman says:

The cas latency goes all the way up to 11 !

United States Hondacity says:

fast cpus, fast rams holy molly .

TaPaKaH says:

these rebranded Elpidas might actually sell well - noob corporate PC builders will think this is "more compatible" than stuff from other brands. Also, these are Radeon-branded which allows to put one more fancy sticker on an assembled system.

Sweden Calathea says:

1600 11-11-11.. what a joke. edit: Maybe it was, Amd memory is gone from their homepage today?

Hong Kong imamage says:

AMD should at least have their ULTRA PRO series comes with "Black Edition memory Profile " support (as they have it in OverDrive)

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