Fun Your PC with Afterburner APP, OC your video card with your cell phone and win big prizes.

(Taipei – Taiwan) The world-renowned video card and mainboard manufacturer MSI, maker of the widely popular Afterburner over-clocking software, have announced an Afterburner APP that allows enthusiasts to use handheld devices such as Android smart phones or tablet PCs to remotely control video card overclocking. From now on, whether at home or in the office, enthusiasts can control the video card’s status and adjust the video card’s settings at any time with MSI Afterburner App. This APP has won the undisputed praise by various media outlets and over-clocking enthusiasts. In order to let consumers actually experience the convenience brought by the Afterburner APP, MSI has organized the “Fun Your PC with Afterburner APP” activity. All you have to do is to send in one (or more) photo(s) of you using the Afterburner APP and e-mail them to ( between August 2, 2011 and August 31, 2011. Amazing prizes can be wonlike n a lightweight and stylish MSI WindPad 100W tablet PC. In addition, great prizes such as the N560GTX-TI Hawk video card can also be won every week. Prepare your Android based device, and try out Afterburner now!!

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