Overclock Extreme TV American Summit Online

Monster online OC competition in South-America. Check it out!


Belgium Massman says:

United States Hondacity says:

magnificow video

Argentina Sweet says:

si Honda...magnìfico video :D

Yes Honda awesome video, a very good job of Extremebox.

Thanks so much Massman.


Panama chucupis says:

Great video, i hope to be in this one :D

best regards

Brazil gnidaol says:

Really nice!
When does it start? I could not find any date anywhere.

United States Hondacity says:

this reminds me of the hwbox ...organized by the turkish/asus brothers...

Australia Dinos22 says:

nice video, the end looks similar to hiwa's videos, did he have something to do with it?

Argentina Sweet says:

Thanks guys, if you want, see this links :)

Information about this

Organizer: ExtremeBox forum and OverclockingExtreme Tv

Jonathan Romero (Tsunamix) and his Staff



OverclockingExtreme TV en Facebbok, here:


Sorry but is in Spanish :p.....but all speach and write English, well....cusi cusa or spanglish, like me :D

Ps: I think, they dont know Hiwa, this video was done by a professional in Baires -Argentina, for more information contact Jonathan - ExtremeBox

Argentina Deskrado says:

vamos todo sudamerica a competir!!!! El torneo va a estar muy bueno con unos excelentes premios, ningun amante del oc se puede perder esto!!!!

Finland SF3D says:

Nice video indeed! Good luck to participants!

dinos22 said: nice video, the end looks similar to hiwa's videos, did he have something to do with it?

You have never heard about adobe after effects Dino? :)

Take the free project and modify it how you like. People will go wild and you are a star!

Argentina canotes says:

Thanks to SWEET and MASSMAN for share de info.

All you guys can follow the information and the stages of the tournament from our facebook acount:


or from our twitter:


The tournament will begin very soon, stay tunned.

Argentina nazzgul says:

A great tournament for all Latin America. Excellent my friends, to grow with the OC in Argentina, Latin America and the world!!

Argentina Pablocs08 says:


Colombia iceman182 says:

cuando comienza???

Panama chucupis says:

iceman182 said: cuando comienza???

por lo que me han dicho, pronto :D

Argentina Tsunamix says:

Argentina canotes says:

Hi guys, The tournament will start on august 13th. You can register via the following link: http://www.extreme-box.com/forum/threads/1262-Comienzo-del-torneo

Argentina Tsunamix says:



Mas Info;

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