19 September Launch Day for FX Series Processors

Bulldozer in September, SB-E in November. That means two and a half months for AMD to win us over!

AMD's first wave of FX series high performance desktop processors will hit stores on 19 September, 2011, according to industry sources. On that day, AMD will launch two 8-core models: FX-8100 and FX-8150; a 6-core model, the FX-6100; and a 4-core part: FX-4100. The much yapped about "FX-8130P" that has been a CPU-Z screenshot favourite, is not a part of AMD's finalized lineup. Earlier it was rumored that models with the "P" brand extender were unlocked parts, but now it's emerging that all parts in the FX series are unlocked. Detailed specifications are tabled below.

In the first quarter of 2012, AMD plans its second round of product launches, which consist of faster models that display existing ones from their price-points. The FX-8170 will displace the FX-8150, the FX-8120 displaces FX-8100; FX-6120 displaces FX-6100; and FX-4120 displaces FX-4100. In the meantime, AMD is working with motherboard vendors to ensure adequate propagation of socket AM3+ motherboards, and more importantly, for DDR3-1866 MHz memory to become more affordable, since FX processors yield the most optimal performance with that memory speed.


Sweden ME4ME says:

All are Black-Edition?
very kind of AMD :)

Canada Vinster says:

Turbo of 4.5Ghz on the 8C chip stock? will they be running these things lean or will they be capable of easily getting 6Ghz on Air?

United States Hondacity says:

they for got "W"

for CHeW*

Norway knopflerbruce says:

What's the difference between the ones marked with a "*" and those without it?

Netherlands wesjuhdabomb says:

Latest news message I read was that the processors with a * will be released later (Q1 2012).

Belgium Gamer says:

AMD is going for the highest stock Mhz it seems.

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