MSI Sells Twin Frozr II VGA Cooler Loose in Japan

Interesting. I wonder how many they'll sell.

MSI's engineers struck gold with their Twin Frozr II cooler design, introduced a couple of generations of GPUs ago. Twin Frozr II soon became MSI's workhorse VGA cooler for high-end non-reference design graphics cards, on both the NVIDIA and ATI/AMD lines. It is reported that MSI is now selling this VGA heatsink loose in the Japanese market, so you don't have to buy an new MSI graphics card, and just upgrade your existing one with it.

This variant of Twin Frozr II has GPU retention hole layout that matches that of GF100 and GF110-based single-GPU graphics cards, i.e. GTX 465, GTX 470, GTX 480, GTX 570, and GTX 580. The cooler measures 251.9x100.9x35 mm, weighing 520 g. It consists of a nickel-plated copper base, from which five heat pipes (6 mm thick pipes towards the central portion of the base, 8 mm thick towards periphery) originate, conveying heat to a large aluminum fin stack. This stack is ventilated by two PWM-controlled fans. The Twin Frozr II is priced at ¥5,980 or US $73.

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