UPDATE: AMD Unveils Desktop Dual Graphics: Meet Radeon HD 66x0D2

Urgh, that'll be giving lots of enthusiasts a headache. So, we just add more hardware categories? :-)

Even though there are couple of days left before the official launch of the desktop "Llano" platform, AMD unveiled the naming policy for "Desktop Dual Graphics", i.e. combining the APU and graphics card.

This page also confirms that Fusion A-Series lineup will initially consist out of seven desktop processors, with a split between dual-core and quad-core STARS processors as we disclosed in our original article and anywhere between 160 and 400 stream cores.

When combined with a discrete Radeon HD 6600 Series graphics card, the name of the GPU will change into a new one. For instance, Fusion A8-3850 APU comes with Radeon HD 6550D. When you put the AMD Radeon HD 6570 graphics card, the "unified GPU" will be detected as Radeon HD 6630D2. If you combine the processor with HD 6670, the new "unified GPU" i.e. "Dual Radeon" will be detected as Radeon HD 6690D2.

All in all, AMD is trying to clean up the mixup which was guaranteed if system builders had to use the naming convention such as "AMD Fusion A8-3850 APU with Radeon HD6550D with AMD Radeon HD 6670 GPU". As you can imagine, that would be a naming nightmare. With this move, AMD is simplifying the lineup.

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