[review] Kingpin Cooling Liquid Nitrogen Containers – Pushing to the Limits

A missed chance for a round-up or comparison, but nonetheless a nice overview of the Kingpincooling products.

We have been very impressed with the k|ngp|n cooling containers, as they represent stellar performance for the price. Having the option of running various bases on the Dragon F1 Gemini really allows you to tailor the pot for the hardware you’re running during a given session. The Tek-9 FAT is incredibly easy to control, and for single or dual (if PCIe slot spacing allows) GPU benching, it is truly a beast. The Dominance memory pot is an a very capable pot for anyone trying to take their RAM to its limits.

Miahallen says: I owe k|ngp|n an apology for the long delay, and want to offer a big word of thanks to KPC for providing these samples for testing! I’ve used several CPU pots over the last few years, but if I were going to spend my money for anything out there right now, my first choice would be the models shown here.

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