Overclockers.com Invades Microcenter Saint Louis – June 25th & 26th

Overclockers.com is on a OC demo roll! Check them out, in action, at the Microcenter Saint Louis this weekend.

Overclockers.com will be invading Microcenter Saint Louis to perform an extreme overclocking demonstration on June 25th & 26th. Everyone in the Saint Louis area is invited to come check things out!

On a fundamental level, we overclockers are all PC hardware evangelists. We don’t only buy goodies to get a job done, we buy them to tinker. What we need to buy becomes a very relative concept in this hobby, and things are usually more a matter of what we want to buy. We arm ourselves with community knowledge, then blast our way past the rated operating frequencies to get more performance than we pay for. We like to know what makes things tick, then make them tick faster. Beyond our own needs even, people come to us as the authority on building, component selection, and optimization advice for their systems.

At Microcenter on June 25th & 26th, surrounded by a store full of computer parts, we’ll be sharing a bit of that enthusiasm for playing with PC hardware with store customers. We’ll be presenting an extreme cooling exhibition demonstrating the use of Liquid Nitrogen to cool processors and video cards, talking with onlookers, and discussing why and how we do what we do!

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